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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Post About Politics On Facebook

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Post About Politics On Facebook


By: Scott Dickson

I see a lot of things I disagree with on social media. It’s hard to keep our personal beliefs to ourselves when we see things online that we take issue with. Let’s take the subject of politics on Facebook.

For me personally, I have many friends and clients on Facebook who are on both sides of the fence politically. From time to time I have posted something politically charged, only to go back a little bit later and remove it after I’ve thought about the possible repercussions. I am now fully committed to never doing it again.

So, I’ve come up with some reasons why you shouldn’t post about politics on Facebook. Here you go…

1. You could lose a friend. Friends should be able to discuss political issues calmly and diplomatically…in person! Most people hide behind their computers and post things they would never say face to face.

2. You could lose a client. It’s not business, it’s personal…right? Bull crap! If a client feels strongly about a political issue and I go on Facebook and post something totally derogatory or counter to what they believe, they might take a different view of me personally and professionally. I want my clients to like me. People do business with people they know, like and trust. Period.

3. It’s a waste of time. You’re not going to change someone’s political beliefs on Facebook. You can debate and debate, but you’re just wasting your time. People are different and believe different things. Accept it, agree to disagree and move on. Life’s too short. Let your vote be your voice.

4. It’s the wrong platform. If you’re bound and determined to spend time arguing over political issues online, go to a political blog or a news site and do so. Don’t ruin everyone’s experience on Facebook with your rants. You may have a specific list of friends on FB that you only share political information with, but you never know what someone else might share.

5. There’s enough politics in the media. One of the reasons I use Facebook is to laugh, have fun and converse with my friends and family. I don’t use it to get worked up or stressed out over something I see that I disagree with. There’s enough political coverage in the mainstream media. More than enough. Keep it there and leave the politics to the pundits.

If you’re marketing your business on Facebook, you absolutely NEVER want to go down this road on your Facebook business page.

Now, I know there are a lot of people who are going to disagree with me. And that’s fine. You have every right to disagree. This is America. But, can we agree to disagree and keep it off Facebook?

What do you think?


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    We’re living proof that people can stand on opposite sides of the fence and still get along ;)

    Remember what our Grandmother’s told us about what not to talk about… Politics, religion and sex. It was true back then before social media and it’s even truer now. UNLESS your business or blog is ABOUT those items and then it’s a different story. But, if it is, get ready for responding back to plenty of comments and “defending” your stance.

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    Yep, you’re exactly right. This could pertain to anybody who has direct contact with the public on the job, especially if you’re in sales…and aren’t we all? (-;

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    Great post, Scott. I couldn’t agree more. There are few topics people feel so strongly about as politics and religion. No matter how tactful you are, you’ll always end up on the opposite side of someone’s opinion and it’s really a no-win situation for business.

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    Scott, I think you are on target with most of these items, especially as they relate to business. I will press you on one point only (though as an individual, not a business)…and that is number 3. While I agree 100% that negative, mean, derogatory, and inflammatory comments/links/cartoons will never change my mind, and in fact often make me feel like “digging in my heels” or worse, want to retaliate “in kind” (!), I find that the thoughtful, respectful, intelligent comments by those I admire and trust (my friends) who see an issue differently from me really do cause me to consider and refine my own stance on political as well as social issues. I don’t find that on news blogs; in fact, quite the opposite…(that’s where those who are hiding behind computers spout from!) For me its not at all about arguing, but working to understand how people come to different conclusions. Many of my friends are acoss the country (world even), and I don’t have the chance to meet them for coffee and discuss these things…Facebook is where we meet up and keep in touch, and I value their opinion and insight, whether I agree or not.
    I value your opinion, too, as always…and am glad we can meet on the wide ground we share!

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    Thanks, Adrienne!

    Cathy – I agree with your point. The conversations you speak of are few and far between. I think it also depends on where you are in life.

    It’s my opinion that if you’re in business, or work with other businesses in any capacity, that it would be smart to keep these types opinions/discussions private and not post them in a public forum.

    Case in point, I have a close friend who got involved in a discussion on Facebook regarding the 2nd amendment and gun control issues. Unfortunately, this person’s boss was also a FB friend of his and saw the conversation.

    NC is a right to work state and my friend was fired from his job because of the public conversation and the politically-charged nature of his comments.

    You can’t be in sales and spout off against the government. Too many people can see it on FB.

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    I find it rather CURIOUS that anyone would waste their time OBJECTING!!!!!!!
    Not all of us are still working some of us are retired but I guess people like Scott Dickson are just too young and inexperienced in life to think of that possibility! And that begs the question at what age should young people, be allowed to vote and perhaps at what age should people stop voting maybe at least by 90yrs. And we should be trying to do away with the pencils for voting how laughable is this?? We are a laughing stock Internationally with our Voting System!

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    Hi Bev. I’m 46. I’m not retired. I have clients on both sides of the political spectrum. I can’t afford to lose one of them because of a politically charged FB post. I stand by my list. Thanks!

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    Thank You! I see so many foolish, stupid political jokes that are not funny and so much name calling that I was ready to get rid of my FB page. I am presently in the process of taking myself off the feeds of everyone who wastes my time with this stuff. Then when I actually have time to go though all the mud to see if there is still the person I care about whose buried themselves in it; I’ll dig through and see how they are doing by simply visiting their page. I do not have to hear from folks who make me depressed everyday!

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